About me

I am a singer-songwriter in the style of Soulfeeding Acoustic Pop and have realised three music albums so far, mainly with German, but also English lyrics.  

How did my album trilogy come to be?  

My journey began in Seoul in 2018 and took me across three continents and seven countries, collaborating with 33 international musicians to capture place-based sonic experiences and give German lyrics a new soundscape. This is how my first album "Projekt Weltweit" came into being. My second album "Project Change" was an about inner reflection in the face of external, collective circumstances, through beautiful arrangements and impressive production in cinematic orchestration by John Haywood. My third album "Project New Earth" was produced in 432 Hz with musicians from Iceland and combines original and future worlds. Lyrics with metaphysically influenced fantasy elements and spiritual insights give some songs a certain magic à la "Lord of the Rings". It will be released in 2023!  

What is the spiritual influence of my music on my audience?  

During my last years of travelling around the world and performing, I experienced the following: Regardless of whether my audience understood German or not, the music and my voice seemed to have the power to create a special field. My listeners felt encouraged, some were moved to tears, and some said, "I didn't know angels could sing German."  

There is profound spiritual wisdom behind my music. Partly metaphysical or stories from old worlds (Atlantis, elves, dragon riders, soulmates, soul worlds) are addressed, as well as the change we are in. As the old goes the prospect of a more beautiful, better, more mindful New Earth blossoms. The content of the songs resembles coaching themes. My fans describe my music as helping them to self-reflect, recharge their courage, and heal from problems. Awareness is created.  

What successes have I already achieved with my music?  

Already with my debut single, NDR television accompanied me to Los Angeles in 2019 for studio recordings. The 30-minute documentary "Typisch! Die singende Flugbegleiterin" was broadcast nationally several times. At the same time, several articles appeared in the national press. All six music videos from the first album ran in rotation on MTV Germany. For my heartfelt song "Kleine Weile" I was lucky enough to get Oscar winner Markéta Irglóva as a feature. Based on this, I received a grant from Initiative Musik for the production of my 3rd album "Project New Earth", which will be released in 2023.

How it start